Published by: Monkeyshines Media, Inc. Edited by: Jonathan Russell
Designed by: MacPhoenix Design

Winter 2022 Cover Artists:

Cover artist: PLUGO, Krampus painting.
New York born, PLUGO has now spent half his life making a living in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing illustration & design work for comics, kid’s lit, magazines, text-books, album covers, and countless t-shirts. Some of his work is available on Redbubble.

PLUGO has a new graphic novel on the horizon, A Tiger’s Tale, and we’re celebrating it in this issue of Monkeyshines! Go to to learn more!

Back cover artist: pthelo, The Doorway, digital painting using AI software, Zoetrope 5.5, by ai_curio.

Winter 2022 Contributors:

Thank you

Every contributor honors us with their work. We can’t thank them enough. Thank you to the Board of Directors for MMI who voluntarily give their time to get these issues out the door. We thank our current readers and the soon-to-be readers who ask us for a copy of the zine. There is no zine without your support. Thank you to Jimi for starting our first fundraiser on Facebook, which raised $232! Special shout out to Matty J — you kept the lights on for this issue!


  • The color scheme is codenamed Cash Money and is no longer based on Pantone colors. This time the green is purely hex (#2C8152) and the complementing color is either gray (#cccccc) or black (#333333). Originally on our print version the green was #4DB37C (69c 5m 69y 0k), but there was not enough contrast for site accessibility, so we darkened the green a bit on the website.

  • The typefaces used in both the magazine and web site are: Coolvetica, Andale Mono, and Lumiera.

  • Additionally the magazine uses: Zilla Slab, Urania Czech, Mali, and Powell Antique.

  • We’re moving away from Crimson Text, which was used in the magazine, to Crimson Pro, currently on the website for body text. If you’re interested in why, boy do we have a type nerd for you to connect with.

  • The Monkeyshines text logo is set in Amoba.

  • The zine was designed using Affinity Publisher and Designer. Photo manipulation was done with Pixelmator Pro. The website was designed and coded using Panic Nova and Jekyll. All this and more done on my trusty iMac.


  • We believe in the Oxford comma and single spaces after a period.
  • Right ragged is easier to read.
  • Perfect is the enemy of good.
  • Humility is helpful.