Past Issues

Preview of the Autumn 2022 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF formatSeventh issue: Our Autumn 2022 issue is bold and beautiful and a bit playful. The cover has a little extra added to fit Christopher Fahey’s artwork. We added an extra flap to include it all. Wanna check out this issue in print? Send us a note! and get yourself a real, wonderfully printed copy. While you’re here, though, check out the web version!

Preview of the Summer 2022 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF formatSixth issue: Long days and warm nights. Ride the surf. Follow the rainbow. It’s summer, and our Summer 2022 issue is perfect to enjoy on your porch, or balcony, or front steps, or the bathtub, or in a tent — anywhere! That’s the nice thing about paper. Ah, but if you don’t have a paper copy, you can send us an email with your mailing address!

This issue has great stuff from our local artists and poets, including a couple of entries from the past that remind us that talent and drive have always been a part of Long Island.

Preview of the Spring 2022 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF formatFifth issue: Our Spring 2022 issue is chockablock with creative goodness and bittersweet goodbyes. The season is all about change and renewal, and it’s possible we captured some of that in this issue. Enjoy the issue in digital form, because we have no paper copies left!

Preview of the Winter 2022 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF formatFourth issue: Winter’s bite is upon us, and our first issue of the new year delivers the malicious Krampus to your mailbox. Inside there is some comfort, some mysteries, a bit of danger, and a whole lot of talent. It’s 2022! Our pool of contributors continues to grow, which is fantastic and most welcome! We have about 12 copies left, if you’d like your very own copy. Wanna know how? Send us a note with a mailing address, and we’ll send one out to you, for FREE!

Preview of the Autumn 2021 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF formatThird issue: Spooky season has begun, but don’t be scared by the Autumn issue. Sure, there’s skulls and haunted memories, and warnings that your values may be put to the test, and gods that punish the weak, and goblins and cloven hooves and horns and… okay, we guess this issue is a bit scary, but we think this is a fantastic issue all together. There’s a couple of copies still available. Send us a note with a mailing address, and we’ll send one out to you, for FREE!

Preview of the Summer 2021 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF format Second issue: Our summer issue of Monkeyshines continues our streak of talented creators sharing their creations with you. In this issue, we have a couple of reviewers, another oracle for the season, excellent photography and art, and the first of a three part serial! We still have a couple printed copies in the back of inventory closet. Would you like one? Send us a note with a mailing address.

Preview of the Spring 2021 issue of Monkeyshines in PDF format First issue: Our inaugural Spring 2021 issue, we have original fiction, poetry, and an essay by some talented writers. And we have original artwork and photography by some amazing artists. We have a druidic oracle for your springtime consideration, and what would a zine be without a review? Well, in this case, it’s a review of hot sauces by a real metalhead! Printed copies no longer available.