An abstract, graphical drawing, with a light blue and white background, with black designs, and darker blue and mauve shadows. The drawing has a repeated motif of eye-like symbols, wheels, triangles, and tears.

Artist Statement

Currently, I produce original artwork and multiples influenced by music, petroglyphs and basic, reusable visual symbols. My work is quite varied and makes use of graphic design, photography, paintings, drawings and objects.

Symbols are used in my work like sound beats and appear in patterns, in turn, making new patterns. I observe and attempt to illustrate the expansion and contraction of human history’s common threads coagulating into a larger whole.There, they can be examined and displayed in their many pieces.

My “Yield” Series is a study of interchangeable graphic components, a vocabulary if you will, where the parts can be assembled and re-assembled to form variable images. They portray a modular, sentient being that is a factory for tears, influenced by circuit and diagram design and orthographic technical drawing.