Introducing Monkeyshines

A new printed zine, digital magazine, and website. Submissions due on or before March 15, 2021, for publication in our premier Spring 2021 issue, expected to be published in early April. Send email with submission media or links to the media to [email protected].

It’s printed. On paper.

Remember paper? Remember holding something made of paper in one hand and reading while drinking a hot beverage in the other? Remember how paper feels and smells? Inks that could smear and pages that could dog-ear? Read it once, and it looks like you read it. You could leave it on a seat in a public place and be assured that someone would take a look at it, too, before eventually going in the trash. It’s okay. It’s ephemeral but lasts forever in your head. Break the spine, mark it up with highlighters, make rude pencil drawings in the margins. It’s okay. It’s paper, and it’ll still convey the stories we write in it.

Crease it. Smear the ink. Or keep it perfect. Let someone one “borrow it,” but you know you’ll never see it again. It’s paper. And we want to share it with you.