Goodbye, Monkeyshines?

Thumbnail of our Autumn 2022 issue Well, this winter brings Monkeyshines to a close, but we want everyone to know that we’re changing the name of the zine and not closing up shop. We will have new email addresses and websites and silly things like that, but we’re still going to bring the bright and creative work of our local artists and writers. Consider it more of a metamorphosis than a loss. Thank you for all your support, and we’ll keep you informed of our new name as soon as we have it. (Mid-February, we think.) The zine is dead, long live the zine!

This isn’t the end! We will have our next issue in Summer of 2023 – we just don’t know the name of it yet. ::grin:: You can still contribute to the future zine! We’re not shutting any of this stuff off. You can still send submissions to [email protected], and all 8 issues of the zine will still remain online. And if you subscribe to Monkeyshines, we’ll send along the new zine, for free, as we have always done.

Support our cause

Monkeyshines is delivered free to our readers, and your support helps keep it that way! We are published by a New York state non-profit and your donations go towards printing and shipping our zine. You can support us by donating through our Ko-fi page. Ko-fi gives us 100% of money donated, and your donation is tax deductible! The next version of the zine will still be free for our readers, and our corporate masters stay the same, so any donation you give to Monkeyshines will be used for the new zine.

It’s printed. On paper.

Remember paper? Remember holding something made of paper in one hand and reading while drinking a hot beverage in the other? Remember how paper feels and smells? Inks that could smear and pages that could dog-ear? Read it once, and it looks like you’ve read it. You could leave it on a seat in a public place and be assured that someone would take a look at it, too, before eventually going in the trash. It’s okay. It’s ephemeral but lasts forever in your head. Break the spine, mark it up with highlighters, make rude pencil drawings in the margins. It’s okay. It’s paper, and it’ll still convey the stories we write in it.

Crease it. Smear the ink. Or keep it perfect. Let someone “borrow it” when you know you’ll never see it again. It’s paper. And we want to share it with you.

Limited run

The issues are available in digital and web formats, but printed copies are very limited. Issues are first distributed to our contributors, to our patrons, then to subscribers, and finally to a few distributors. There is no cover charge, no fees, just a free zine.

Want to get your own paper copy of our Winter 2023 issue? All you have to do to get one is ask! (And send us a mailing address.)