Published by: Monkeyshines Media, Inc.
Edited by: Jonathan Russell & Michele Wilson
Designed by: MacPhoenix Design

Winter 2023 Featuring:

The cover contributors: The photographer is Racheal Halupa of Photography Sisters, the dress is from Your Fairy Godmother Couture, the makeup and modeling were both done by Excessive Mascara.

Center spread and article: Article and photos, Long Island’s Haunted Asylum: Kings Park Psychiatric Center, by Annalea of the ÆSTHETIC WORKSHOP.

Back cover: Photo by Alexa Goldstein, who also contributed two poems, “Watch Me Shine” and “Welcome Winter.”

Winter 2023 Contributors:


We’re extremely grateful to Cool Beans in Sayville and übergeek Brewing in Riverhead for taking in some copies of our zine so their customers can enjoy a nice oddity with their beverages, and thank you to Hannah, Corey, and Rob for helping out with that.

Do we send off the final issue of Monkeyshines with a long list of all the folks we need to thank? Impossible. So many people helped us publish eight small issues over two years. We can’t thank Katherine, Jimi, Thom, Deb, Pat, Rich, Chris, and Hannah enough, but they are a small group in a larger world of people who have helped make these issues something special that we got to share with everyone.

We hope that you join with us in the next incarnation of the zine.



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