One Night As I Lay Sleeping
My Wife’s Breath Upon My Face
I Woke a Restless Dream
And We Walked A Sacred Place

The Field Was Full of People
The Moon Rose High Above
Forever On Its Journey
As The Trees framed it in Love

It Seemed a Sacred Temple
Standing in That Place
The Night Sang Out in Chorus
The Moonlight Full Upon Our Face

I Held Her Hand In Deep Reflection
Of Our Place In Time And Space
It Seemed the Cosmos Moved Before Us
And We Followed in it’s Grace

So as We stood there Staring
So Enraptured and so Clear
We missed a Friend Beside Us
Until He Whispered In My Ear…

Yo The Road’s a Good Time Too.

So We All Left the Nightclub
Full of Trees and Stars and Blue
To Venture to The Road
For the Promise of a Good Time Too

Some Just Stood There Staring
At the Slow Progress of Flight
As the Stars Continued Dancing
Across the Canvas of the Night

Like Gods… Like Gods of Old that Told Us
That on Them We Can Rely
And While We Walk The World Below
…Our Spirits Bound to Sky

And We Dance the Dance of Destiny
To a Tune We Can’t Ignore
We Live Within The Moonlit Night
And Sing The Simple Score

The Road’s a Good Time Too
The Road’s a Good Time Too
The Road’s a Good Time Too