A stylized ink drawing on light brown paper of two emaciated figures. One figure, with a mouthful of sharp teeth, is flying above a second figure who is chest deep into an unknown mass that looks very hot. The flying figure is humanoid, but his arms go into hooks rather than hands, and his trunk is like a tail rather than legs. The half-buried figure's mouth is gaping in horror and its body is ravaged.

Artist’s Note

My therapist said that he worked in an art gallery in Hawaii many years ago and that I shouldn’t show stuff like this to people because it will make them nervous and they won’t buy it. They may appreciate it, but they won’t want it hanging in their house. He was 100% correct, but what an odd thing for your therapist to say when you had just shown him a whole book of drawings of your demons. He got really sick and couldn’t see me anymore. He was great. I miss him.