A painting of a scene from A Tigers Tale, a graphic novel by PLUGO. In a jungle clearing, there are 2 giraffes; an elephant; a porcupine upon the back of a rhino; 2 black bears - one is pointing towards the tiger; 5 pandas - including a baby panda and one chewing on bamboo, one of the pandas has its paw on a dog with a curled tail and the panda holding the baby panda is sitting on a rock that has a mushroom patch in front of it. Continuing, there is a pangolin upon a wild boar; an orangutan, baboon, and chimp carrying banana bunches. Next to these three, the Monkey King, with his staff and hairdress with phoenix feathers, is pointing towards the tiger. Continuing along the bottom of the painting, there is a crocodile; 3 snakes - a cobra with hood opened, one striped pink, and a larger one that looks like a boa constrictor; a sitting wolf and a standing goat next to an oxen that has a frog and a stoat-like creature sitting on it. Moving on, there are 4 birds - a peacock, a toucan, a flamingo, and an owl - standing under a tree that has a bearded lizard, two woodpecker- or jay-like birds sitting on the limb. There is a orb weaver spider's web on the tree limb, too. Next to the birds on the ground, a leopard, a camel, and eagle sit looking towards the tiger. The tiger is sitting on a tree stump. Next to him is a red panda holding a crown of lotus flowers up to the tiger. The tiger is being touched gently on its head with the claw of a white and black crane that is in the air with stretched-opened wings. Behind the crane are two human males, shirtless. Behind the tiger is a llama and gazelle.

Decade in the Making!

Thumbnail of PDF Leaping from the pages of Kung Fu Magazine! The classic comic-strip jumps off those black and white pages and onto bookshelves this Chinese New Year of the Tiger! Featuring digitally remastered and colored artwork, glossary and back matter; this graphic novel is created by Monkeyshines cover artist PLUGO! Created in the grand tradition of A Journey to the West, Usagi Yojimbo, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Imagine the Tao Te Ching meets The Jungle Book

All Kan ever wanted was to live in his forest as a tiger should. But when his mother adopted two human foundlings, Kan’s jealousy cost him his family and home. Exiled, Kan blames humans for his troubles. If he’s to make a home for himself in that distant forest he once called home, then he and his brothers must journey beyond the mundane world and into the realm of myths, monsters and Dragons.

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For just $30 get the Monkeyshines graphic novel kit!

Thumbnail of PDF You get your own copy of A Tiger’s Tale the graphic novel, signed. You also get the Tiger’s Tale sticker SWAG pack as well as an exclusive Twelve Monkeys Sticker Sheet!1

Get the Monkeyshines creative consultation for just $50!

Five fortunate creatives will get the graphic novel and a creative consultation with Monkeyshines cover artist Patrick Lugo (PLUGO). Have your cover illustration or design critiqued: Utilize 20+ years of cover design and illustration experience with a written critique, plus draw-over and 30 minute video session to discuss design specifics and principles.

For $150 One Lucky Collector will receive the original gouache painting Monkeyshines Winter 2022 Krampus cover art!

One Patron of the Arts will receive a signed copy of the graphic novel, their name in its “thank you” section PLUS the original art for the Winter issue of MonkeyShines: Gouache on 9in x 12in Bristol board.

Go to: Kickstart.aTigersTale.com to learn more!

Monkeyshines receives no financial compensation from this campaign.

  1. Not the movie; twelve actual monkey stickers.