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Edited by: Jonathan Russell
Designed by: MacPhoenix Design

Autumn 2021 Featuring:

Cover artist: by PLUGO, photographed by Donovan Rittenbach: That Long Awaited Collaboration, detail.
New York born, PLUGO has now spent half his life making a living in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing illustration & design work for comics, kid’s lit, magazines, text-books, album covers, and countless t-shirts. Some of his work is available on Redbubble.

Back cover artist: by Racheal Halupa, photo of dandelion on fire.
Racheal loves photography, all of it. She does everything from still life, to pets, to newborns, to weddings. She has placed in top 10% in Shoot and Share two years in a row, in the categories of children and couples. She has had backdrop companies use her images to feature their product. She also has headed several published portraits in various magazines.

Autumn 2021 Contributors:


Besides the fabulous contributors, who always go above and beyond to help with this project, Jonathan would like to thank Dad, Deb, Aunt Pat, Jimi, Rich, Allan, Hannah, AJ, Katherine, and Mom for their financial support and encouragement. Seriously, there’s no magazine without your help.



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