October whispers in the August winds
Taunting and haunting
bittersweet symphony of pain
a palpable sadness, to which I bend
Origami soul
Lifeless on the floor
October last, you left me ruins!
Barely alive
The soul crushing dirge now tears at my mends.
I feel it stampeding in, unapologetic,
disregarding my splintered heart and fractured mind
October impends.
Please October, don’t rupture my wounds;
I implore you through a cavalcade of tears,
don’t cast open the drapes
don’t let the pain cascade and
drown me again
It’s too much to bear,
unstoppable force, nary a care
October descends.
What once was best-loved,
treasured, adored—
now spoiled, marred, rotten and soured
and beating down my door.
I don’t want to do this again October—
go away, don’t come back.
Pleads and silent screams.
I don’t want to feel anymore.
October, I abhor.
I don’t want to taste your spicy balm,
be seduced drugged and dragged in.
I don’t want to bask in your kaleidoscope skies;
or be chilled, warmed or turned on.
the requiem I must endure.
I don’t want to asphyxiate in your aura
upside down, inside out, no longer whole.
Or ache for you October…
but I do and…
I will, eternal.
My autumnal tormentor.
Captivated and imprisoned ’til death—
did us part.
October subjugating.
Assault me again October, dissect me into parts.
Be sure to do it year after year,
again, again and again.
Mince me, tessellate me—like only you can.
Until I’m free, dead—gone and buried,
I’ll be your confetti;
scatter me all over your welcome back party.