Detail of skateboard deck, painted, depicting dozens of human skulls laying disorganized in a pile.

Photo by Donovan Rittenbach.


There’s a bit of a winding story behind what inspired this piece. To keep it short, the artwork itself, a painted skateboard, was a commission born of reconnecting with old friends who had moved away long ago — “she likes skulls.” Over the course of the 2020 COVID crisis, there were probably a lot of folks realizing the value of reconnecting via a long postponed video-call. Seeing the piece through those lenses, the production of a video and the composing of an original score for it seems like a secondary (or tertiary) permutation of that same “it’s been so long” reflex — in the midst of such intensely dire times.

We have a video of this painting, done on a skateboard deck, by PLUGO, featuring music and score from Mitch Marcus.