Content Warning: Self-harm and suicidal ideation, strong language.

Have you ever wanted to die?
Maybe you had a plan
Gas canister,
Razor blade in the junk drawer,
Alcohol and diabetes medication.

Then you thought fuck me
Fuck the thing in me
That makes me feel this
So you go on
For one more day
For one more week
For one more month
For one more year

Everyday you wake up
Feeling like this
And everyday you say
Fuck you
There’s so much more to see
So much more to be
So much more to

And so you push through
You push the fuck through
Your weakness
Your other
The one in your head
Who every fucking day
Says, You should go
They’d be better off if you did

Push the fuck through
Every fucking day
Because while the world may suck
But fuck you in particular
Fuck the you that wants to end this experience
Fuck the you that is weak
Fuck the you that is not you

Fuck suicide
Not because you care about those around you
But because you care about you deep inside
Fuck suicide
Not because you hate yourself
But because you hate yourself
Don’t let you fucking win
The you that wants you end
They’re an asshole

Push Though to prove you wrong
Push through because you’re right
Push through because fuck them all
Push through because fuck you
Push the fuck through
Because deep inside
You’re worth it
And you fucking know it

You are fucking worth it

Fuck Suicide

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