A saturated photo at night of Atlantic Ave, a northbound, one-way street, in the downtown of Lynbrook, New York, looking south from Merrick Rd. The street is wet from rain, though it is not raining in the photo. The street is empty, but there are cars parked on both sides of the road, facing the photographer. The road is decorated with colored lights going across the street from pole to pole and with white lights twisted around the poles. The road is lit with yellowish streetlights that are bright, and they leave the road bathed in golden light. The streetlights and the blue and green lights of the strands traversing the road are flaring, each with a beam extending from the upper left to the lower right with the light source in the center of the beam. There are parking meters, trash cans, and storefronts on either side of the road, with the names of a Hallmark store and a store called Card Shack readable on the right side of the photo.