Published by: Monkeyshines Media, Inc.
Edited by: Jonathan Russell
Designed by: MacPhoenix Design

Spring 2022 Featuring:

Cover artist: Corey Houlihan is Spacewoman. She draws and designs constantly — compulsively. She enjoys the process of solving visual communication, the translation of the intended messaging into illustration and design. Her favorite medium of design and art is the t-shirt.

Center spread: Evan Campanella, known as the artist Snafu77, paints in the vernacular that is street art. Through image and symbol he vamps through many of current societal issues. In She, Her, Hers he explores gender fluidity, and in January 6, he captures the anger, chaos and uncertainty surrounding our capitol on that fateful day. Bio courtesy of Patchogue Art Council

Spring 2022 Contributors:

Thank you

This issue was difficult to put to bed, but not because of our fabulous contributors. We were deeply honored to publish their works, and when a Poet Laureate sent us a submission unsolicited, we were so pleased to see that our small publication was reaching a wider audience with each issue. Personal and environmental troubles, however, caused a great deal of friction that delayed this issue and the next. With the help of Katherine and the support of the other directors on the Board, the delays never reached a crisis point.

In better news, this issue was almost fully funded by our supporters! We cannot thank them enough. And we want to thank Hannah, Chris, and Melissa for getting copies of our zine into readers’ hands.



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