Here they are in color! Follow the adventures of Local Heroes, created by Keith, at!

American Spirit™

Comic book hero, American Spirit, pictured flying with her arms stretched out. She is surrounded by a misty, dark energy field. She has long, dark hair with a slight wave. Her costume looks fairly anodyne, with a dark half-shirt showing her belly, a mauve jacket, a red and white striped scarf, red tights, and dark boots. A tattoo on her belly is partially obscured. It looks like a star in a circle.


Comic book hero, Mystery-Man, pictured flying with his white cloak, with gold trim, buffetted behind him. He is casting a spell that has arcane runes emanating from his hands. Mystery-Man is an older man, balding, with thick grey eyebrows. His suit is white and black with gold accoutrements.

The Sensational Squire™

Comic book hero, The Sensational Squire, standing, seemingly frightened of something above his, as if something was falling towards him. He has red hair and a green mask, along with a green, black, and yellow uniform, with large white boots and gloves. He's very skinny for a superhero.

Silent Knight™

Comic book hero, Silent Knight, standing in a battle stance, holding a purplish sword made of pulsing energy in his left hand. His right hand is surrounded by a ball of that same purplish energy. His costume is white wrapping underneath a blue-black singlet, gloves, and boots. The blue-black fabric has starlight glimmers throughout, and the singlet has a white crescent moon on the chest. He has a helmet/mask that would appear to prevent him from seeing.