Six robots in front of a star field with a nebula. The first robot, to the far left, is a black robot with a red anarchy A on its chest. The second robot is yellow with shiny ear antenna and three white eyes with black Xs with magenta outlines in each. This robot also has a black and magenta radiation symbol (upside-down) on its chest. The radiation symbol has white Xs in each fin and a white skull in the middle circle. The robot also has some green goo on its right ear and right shoulder. The third robot stands in the middle of the group. It is a greenish-taupe color with pale green highlights. It has two different sized eyes, the right one is almost as large as its head. This robot also has antenna horizontally extending from its ears along with two cyan Xs on its shoulder joints. It has taupe feathers, as if angel wings, on its back, and it front chest plate is an abstract, soft-toned picture of a star field behind a hilly landscape. The fourth robot, magenta and the tallest of the bunch, has white eyes with cyan Xs in each, and its ear antenna are also cyan. It stands behind a fifth robot that is smaller, but still obscures most of its body. The fifth robot appears to be made of a transparent material filled with water. In the head, there are two fish, one blue and red and the other orange along with some green plant life. There are two translucent orange Xs for the robot's eyes and orange-tipped ear antenna. This robot has two orange Xs on its shoulder joints, and its chest has a yellow and brown octopus swimming in green plant growth within it. Finally, the sixth robot is a deep gray robot with two large grey eyes, orange ear antenna, and a similar abstract sky and hilly landscape as the third robot, but the color on the hills are monochromatic.