trappey’s buffalo blue authentic wing sauce

Bottle of Trappey’s Buffalo Blue Authentic Wing sauce Find it here:
Pepper: cayenne
Heat: 1 of 10
Pour: fast
Flavor: in my searching for new sauces, i look everywhere: hot sauce shops, grocery stores, farmers markets, even bodegas. i find some fun stuff in some weird places (once in a hot sauce/vape shop — yes, it’s a real thing). typically i have something good to say about every sauce. this one i don’t. i get it’s supposed to be wing sauce with blue cheese (not ranch. got a problem? fight me about it) and give you an authentic wing experience. this missed the mark. it tastes like chemical paint thinner with a touch of blue cheese-esque flavor and a cayenne sauce hitting the tail end. there’s no heat either. i feel offended for the city of buffalo (GO BILLS!) that someone even suggested this sauce has anything to do with it. the buffalo on the label is the only thing i approve of about this sauce. they all can’t be winners.

dragon in the clouds

Bottle of Dragon in the Clouds sauce Find it here: ebay
Pepper: ghost pepper
Heat: 10 out of 10
Pour: medium
Flavor: this sauce, wow. it burns behind my ears, i’m sweating — my sinuses are cleared. i fear for the sauce’s exit. my stomach is already mad at me. i had to drink a bunch of water. it definitely hit hard. a very unique collaboration sauce that was only available for a limited time, but it has a super unique flavor to it. like mandarin oranges, but not quite — the pepper is barely in the flavor with the orange flavor over­powering it. the heat is there though to let you know the pepper is in fact there, and you will pay. i’ve had other hot ones sauces and this one is by far the hottest, plus i like the flavor. i thought it might have extract in it, which is usually why some heat only sauces are the way they are. not so with this one. i’m not super familiar with the szechuan peppercorn oil or the yuzu juice in this sauce, but i approve. this is dangerous if you don’t like heat and very hot if you do. it was a limited run sauce which i hope will be released again.