On a maroon (deep red) background, the painting has three major portions. The first, top left, is a large painted asterisk made of transparent white and grey. There are partially obscured bright green, mint, and grey scribbles, each having a grey circle drawn over them. In the middle of this is either a baby or a small bald man sketched in a thin, black line. The second major portion takes the entirety of the right hand of the picture, where there is, scribbled in thin black strokes, a masculine face and the top of his shoulders. The man's eyes are scribbled over, almost as if he is wearing black sunglasses, but the intent seems darker. There is a scribbled vertical line next to the face, with seven horizontal, shorter, lines that end in a harpoon-like tip -- four above the man's head, and two below. The third portion has a pink-colored skull with a thick, black outline sketched as if by charcoal in the lower left corner. The skull's mouth is opened wide with a large lower jaw. There is a white and grey spray behind the skull, spreading out to the right. The spray is also visible a bit behind the empty sockets of the skull's eyes. Appearing to come out of the skull's mouth are seven faces that are simple drawings, circles for the faces, two dots for eyes, and slightly askew lines for their mouths. They all look pensive. From the left, the first face is black, the next four are a slate blue, and the last two are pink and appear to have long hair. There are two thick black lines that cross above the forehead of the skull and extend down, making the forehead appear to be black in contrast to the pink color of the rest of the skull.