Black and white pencil drawing, with a cream color added to highlights, of a small fairy crouching on a human skull. They are both set against the ground and some foliage. The fairy appears to be female, and she hs long, slightly drooping, pointed ears and long, light, straight hair. She is bare but for a sort of bikini, the bottom piece looking like a loin cloth. She has two moth-like wings that have an additional thin filament extended above the wings. Both of the fairy's feet are on the skull, as is her left hand. Her right hand is being help up to her pursed lips with index finger extended up over the lips, suggesting that the viewer keep quiet. The skull, appearing to look up and to the right, is completely bare, and has most of its teeth. The upper and lower jaws are kept apart by a thick, small piece of wood, giving the skull the appearance of laughing or screaming. The skull rests on a large leaf or frond on the ground.