An abstract, portrait-orientated, painting in the style of graffiti art. There is a color motif of red and blue, as if from the United States of America's flag. The focal point is an ominous smile with a set of shark-like teeth painted in the top third of the painting. Its lower lip is dripping red and white stripes and blue with silver stars. There are several eyes in either black or red paint also on the top third of the painting. The middle of the painting has a painted eye with an arched eyebrow on the left side. There are two stripes — the first is gold stars on a field of blue, the second is alternating red and white lines — in the center of the painting. The right side of the middle of the painting has a "smiley face" wearing a surgical mask. The lower third of the painting has a rose and two daisies from left to right. The daises have emoji faces, one smiling, and the other giving a kiss indicated by a small red heart. Beneath the rose and first daisy there is an outreached hand holding a copper coin. There are additional stars and various words and numerals visible throughout the painting. For example, "Pleased to meet you" is visible behind the ominous smile. There is a golden yellow "2020" in the lower right hand corner. "19" is visible in multiple places, and "The Year of Copper" is written in small black letters beneath the center stripes in the middle of the painting. "BLM," "Feed," "Desire," "Stare," "Gaze," "Doubt," "Don't Give Up" can be seen throughout the painting.