Published by: Monkeyshines Media, Inc.
Edited by: Jonathan Russell & Michele Wilson
Designed by: MacPhoenix Design

Autumn 2022 Featuring:

Cover artist: Christopher Fahey gives us the digital painting “Smudge.”
Chris’s company, Crucial Designs, creates positive images, posters, and clothing that brings smiles to people faces and brings us together. He loves to create and share his work with you. Chris was recently featured in this story on ABC News about some of his art projects!

Autumn 2022 Contributors:

Thank you

We’re extremely grateful to Cool Beans in Sayville and übergeek Brewing in Riverhead for taking in some copies of our zine so their customers can enjoy a nice oddity with their beverages, and thank you to Hannah, Corey, and Rob for helping out with that.

There were some behind-the-scenes troubles that delayed part of the website update, and so we want to give an extra thanks to our contributor, Megan O’Brien, who we failed to credit on the site for a couple of months! You’ve been very patient, Megan, and your contributions mean a lot to us.



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