The image is a rough pen sketch, with black ink, of a the head of a person holding their hands up to their face, with wide, sunken, and terrified eyes and open mouth, in a manner similar to the painting, “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch. The sketch is rough, choatic, and disjointed. It is drawn on a sheet of brownish sketchpad paper.

Shake With Me, Quake With Me audio track

Shake With Me, Quake With Me

Let’s see… take a good look…
What do your eyes see?
Facebook, notebook
tiny part of a piano under your bed where you don’t sleep
“Rah-Rah, Raccoon!” when you’re listening to trains pass
“Ghibli, Silly!” you want to cry
You’d love to die
You’d love to die in your sleep
“You’d love to die. Why?!”

Injustice and Justice

Shake with me
Quake with me