1. This product shall not be used as a matching charger (converter) for the vacuum cleaner charging, The power supply!When charging, it should be turned off. The indicator light on the charger is changed from red to green. Please stop charging after filling.

  2. Please note that the power cord of the spare cigarette holder is only available if you choose the power line of the spare cigarette lighter.This vacuum cleaner is not available for other products.

  3. Under normal conditions, the machine should be used for half an hour and cool for 10 minutes so that the machine is not damaged. No impact on the car battery.

  4. The product is not a toy, please do not let children play alone, so as to avoid the danger.At the same time The product should be placed in a dry place.

  5. After washing the filter, please dry it and install it again. Otherwise, it will not absorb the dust.

  6. Extend the hose at the end of the hose and insert the connector at the end of the hose. Vacuum cleaner suction nozzle, the other end is inserted flat mouth suction head or brush suction head or brush suction head.

  7. When the machine is lying idle in the car, please use glue to fix the vacuum cleaner, so as to avoid the traffic.The winnowing machine will turn on the vacuum cleaner by itself.

  8. Please stop using the inside of the vacuum cleaner immediately.

  9. Please stay away from children to avoid danger.Please do not dismantle the machine without authorization. Warranty.

  10. The vacuum cleaner is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the sun. It is strictly forbidden to use the vacuum cleaner during the summer and winter. The dust is placed outside the car.

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