A painting of Menador from "The Malazan Book of the Fallen," by Steven Erikson. She is a brightly glowing figure on a horse made of fire and bone. They appear in a forest at night that is lit by her radiance. Her face is shrouded by a golden mask with a scaled fan-like crown. She wears golden scaled gloves and carries a sword that crackles with energy in one hand, and a double bladed axe in the other. She sits sidesaddle, facing the viewer, and has a pale cloth gathered over her legs.


So Menandor, AKA Sister Dawn, is one of my first pieces of fanart. This piece is based on how I visualized the character’s first appearance in the ten book epic fantasy series titled The Malazan Book of the Fallen. She blazes like the dawn. It’s the first of several contributions to the fan-built wiki of the book series. This series makes A Song of Ice and Fire seem like Harry Potter. I’ve read it multiple times and still discover new aspects to it.