Bayou Gotham Ruby Rebelle Bourbon Cayenne

Bottle of Bayou Gotham Ruby Rebelle Bourbon Cayenne sauce Find it here:

Pepper: cayenne

Heat: 3 of 10

Pour: fast

Flavor: A cayenne sauce that has a heavy garlic flavor, which I don’t think is a bad thing, it sets it apart from a standard cayenne sauce. A good flavor that is nice twist on cayenne sauce. It isn’t too hot either, but has some kick. I backed the Kickstarter for this and got all their sauces and sent the same to my brother. I figure why not? I’m always looking for new sauces and always am willing to try any suggestions. Besides part of the fun is trying new sauces. Sure, I’ve had some terrible sauces (maybe I’ll put up the review of what I think is the worst in the next couple reviews). Lockdown has been tough, and so do what you can to support hot sauce companies.

Violent Hippie Toasted Coconut Ghost Chile

Bottle of Violent Hippie Toasted Coconut Ghost Chile sauce Find it here:

Pepper: habanero and ghost chile

Heat: 6 out of 10

Pour: medium

Flavor: After the weekend, I needed a sauce to match the insanity I saw. This sauce assaulted my various social media feeds and that of my costar from Metalhead Mysteriez (check it out on YouTube). He saw it and thought I needed it. See, viral marketing works. (Did I mention checking out Metalhead Mysteriez on YouTube yet? New episodes when we get around to it.) Heat kicks in right away, but it’s sweet. The coconut flavor mixed with the ghost chile is great. Definitely too hot for those who get scared easily, but tasty for those with a stronger constitution. I’ve done this with chicken, tacos, and breakfast. I’m not a seafood dude, but I could see it being great with that, as well maybe shrimp or something like that. It’s a little weird, but in a good way. A good flavor with a nice kick to it, brought to you by viral bombardment. (Remember to check out Metalhead Mysteriez on YouTube, and discover truths about the universe!)