The days of sandwich boards are long behind us, unfortunately, but t-shirts are still a thing, right? If you want to wear something that no one else will have, we have a store for you!

Looking Good

We’re just launching our merchandise division. We have a shop set up at what used to be called Teespring, where we have t-shirts, a coffee cup, and a neat die-cut sticker, with Shiney, our mascot. With any purchase from the Teespring store, we’ll receive about $5 in commission. As with any money we take in, that goes directly into our not-for-profits coffers, so sporting a nice t-shirt supports us twice — you’re displaying our name and you threw us a fin. Thanks!

A brownish-grey t-shirt with a color picture of the Monkeyshines mascot, Shiney the monkey, with the words 'monkeyshines.media' and 'art * writing * zine' in black around the picture.

Sample “art • writing • zine” t-shirt from Teespring

A Creative Future

We want to work with our artists and writers to offer appropriate merchandising opportunities for their creative work. Absolutely nothing will be done with any submissions unless we receive written approval to create merchandise with your art or writing. As always with Bindle, our creators have ultimate control over their work. If you, as a creator, want to see your work on items for sale, please let us know with your submission, so we can reach out to you. In addition to doing some of the heavy lifting when it comes to file preparation, we’ll split the commission or profit on the merchandise with you, so you’d be helping us with every sale while earning money for yourself.

We have connections in the printing and manufacturing industries, so we may be able to help artists and writers with ordering bulk printed and finished items. We’re committed to helping our creative artists and writers getting their work out to a larger audience.

Want to sell your own stuff?

We use a couple of on-demand companies for our merchandise, but we really appreciate Bonfire and its fundraising tools. Want to sell through Bonfire? Use this link and we’ll both get $1 extra per item you sell — an easy way to help us and get some extra profits out of it for yourself.