Our mission is to share the creativity of Long Island artists and writers. For that, we want your creative submissions! Send submissions to [email protected]. Deadlines for submissions in our quarterly zines are December 15 for our Winter issue, March 15 for our Spring issue, June 15 for our Summer issue, and September 15 for our Autumn issue.

Creativity on Display

We consider every submission, but the more unique the creative endeavor, the more we want to showcase it. If it can be photographed or sent via email, we can share it with our readers. Bindle isn’t stodgy — we don’t take ourselves very seriously — but we are serious about getting creative work in front of appreciative audiences. Your creative work deserves to be shown off, and we showcase it in our attractive zine, also in a digital format and on our website,

A copy of The Great Gatsby on a white background with a translucent blue vase and a polyhedral clear crystal.

Photo courtesy of Girl with a Red Hat on Unsplash

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Your submission remains yours throughout the process. You retain your copyright and your ability to re-use your creative work for any other purpose. We may contact you for your permission to use your work in other formats, such as social media posts or merchandising, but you aren’t in any way obligated to give us that permission. It’s your name on the artwork, literally, and while we’re proud to represent you, we do not assume control over your work.

What’s Your Line?

We include a link to where ever you want people to find your work or contact you as part of the credit notice on your creative work in the zine. And since we have much more room on our website, we can include other links, your bio, and anything else you’d like to include for when people view your work.

Down the Road

Your work remains on our website as archived issues, and the link to it will always remain the same, so you can share it on your own social media accounts or put the link anywhere you’d like. Of course, if you decide that you don’t want the artwork online anymore, just write to us and we’ll remove it from the web version and the digital zine. It is almost impossible to remove your work from previously printed zines, but if someone comes up with a time machine, we’ll revisit this.

We may do reprints of earlier issues. If your submission was in one of those issues, we’ll contact you again to make sure we still have your permission.

You Deserve to Be Paid

While we do provide exposure, that won’t buy a cup of coffee, so we’re aiming to pay for accepted submissions in the future. This will not change your ownership of your work. It will, however, only happen if we begin to raise enough money. Until that time, your creative submissions are voluntary. And, unlike some other “free” publications, we will never charge you to publish your work.