We mail out free copies of each issue to folks in the United States of America who send their mailing address to [email protected]. We use the address for that purpose alone. We do not sell or share our mailing list with anyone. But our subscribers already know about the zine from word-of-mouth, social media, or our zine website. We want to get the zine in front of people who may have never heard of us. To that end, we’re always looking for distributors. You can help us immensely by offering our zine to your friends or patrons.

Several copies of Monkeyshines laid out on a wooden table top.

Simple on Your End

If you have the counter or shelf space, we would love to send you 10 copies. We send them through USPS Priority Mail right to you. Are you feeling really generous about the space you can offer us? Send a note to [email protected] with an amount, and we’ll deliver however many copies you want. The zine is free, so your patrons just pick it up and go. No UPCs or inventory numbers. We just want to get our zine in front of more eyes.

We’ll put your location on the front page of our website, which helps your search engine ranking. Additionally, we can share your location, website, and/or social media accounts with our zine and social media audience and encourage our readers to take a selfie at your location.

Monkeyshines Is for (Im)mature Audiences

Young folk, at or above the age of 13, are welcome to both read the zine and contribute to its content. If we had a movie rating, we’d be PG-13. There may be adult language, but we’re not looking to offend anyone. We have content warnings on stories that contain violence or socially uncomfortable themes. The goal of our organization, though, is to share the artistic expressions of Long Islanders to as many people as possible, and not alienate anyone.

If your clientele are mostly preteens, we thank you for your interest, but that audience is too young for our zine.

Hey, I Know that Guy! And I Don’t Like Him

Currently we have no advertising in our zine. We’re looking to get underwriters for the zine and the organization, and those sponsors will get space in the zine. If we think that an underwriter conflicts with your business or organization, we’ll let you know. But the editors have ultimate control of the content of the zine. We ask both potential underwriter sponsors and distributors to understand that sometimes art is uncomfortable, even if the creator did not have that intention.