Sponsorship underwriting will allow us to expand our readership, pay the creators for their accepted submissions, and grow our publication. Much like public television or radio, underwriters receive special mention on all our media output, including space set aside in the zine. If you, your business, or your organization wishes to give us underwriting support, please call Jonathan at 631-388-6114 or send an email to [email protected]. Since we are a certified charity under IRC 501(c)(3), and the estimated value of the spaced used for our sponsored content is not substantial, the full amount of your payment is a deductible contribution!

Further the Mission

Our main goal is producing a readable, enjoyable, and shareable magazine with full color art and plenty of space for writers to express themselves and then getting the magazine out into the readers’s hands. We do the best we can with our shoe-string budget and work hard at keeping expenses down, but we have viable plans for the future that require more monetary support.

Pay the People

Monkeyshines Media, Inc. and its board members and officers receive absolutely no money in compensation for their time working on Monkeyshines. We feel, however, it would be beneficial to our mission if we could pay for accepted submissions. Paying an acceptance fee to our contributors would both encourage more submissions and allow our organization to live by the mantra that we firmly believe in, “You deserve to be paid for your art.” With sponsorship from you, your business, or your organization, we can offer payment to our contributors.

Expand Our Readership

We love the physical, printed, paper Monkeyshines zine that we feel is the ideal way to enjoy our content, but we print the magazines in limited numbers, currently between 100–200 copies per issue. We’d like to print more per issue to increase our reach.

At the same time, we believe that everyone should have access to Monkeyshines, and through our website people who use screen readers can listen to our authors’ fabulous writing and hear descriptions of the visual art in each issue. We continue to assess other ways to get our content out to more people, and one project we’re excited about is making a mobile app where readers can experience each issue with an enriched interface that is just not possible with a PDF or our website. (We’ll always make all issues freely available as PDFs and and on our website, of course.)

With your sponsorship, we can dedicate resources to build new tools and experiences for our readers and to reach more people. The more people who read Monkeyshines, the more we’re successful in our organizational mission.

Love Island

With our limited budget, we have to put costs above ideals. Some of those ideals include using business resources from Long Island. We want to print the entire issue on Long Island — we currently print our color pages out-of-state. We use an inexpensive web hosting service for our internet presence, but that too is out-of-state. Long Island has these services, but they’re more expensive. Hey, we understand! We love it here on our Island, but it costs more to live and work here. We think it’s worth paying more if it supports our local economy and local jobs. Unfortunately we cannot yet put our money where our mouth is. With your sponsorship, we can keep it Long Island 💯.

Sponsor’s Space

We have 4 half-page sections set aside for sponsored content. This means, at most, two pages of our zine are given to sponsored content. This limits distraction from the creators’ content, and makes your sponsored content stand out. Each half-page section is available for $150 per issue. If you want a full page for your sponsored content, you can purchase 2 half-page sections for $270 per issue. A 2-page spread (4-half page sections) of your sponsored content can be purchased for $500 per issue. With a 2-page spread, yours will be the only sponsored content in that issue. With a full page or 2-page spread, your sponsored content can be printed in color, which also adds more color pages to the issue for other creatives to showcase their art.

Half-page Sponsor Space Example

Half-page Sponsored Space: $150; b/w only

Full-page Sponsor Space Example

Full-page Sponsored Space: $270; available in color or b/w

Color Spread Sponsor Space Example

Color 2-page Spread: $500

Beyond Print

In addition to space in our printed zine, sponsored content will be included in the PDF version of that issue and on that specific issue on our website. The PDF and website remain available, and the website searchable, indefinitely.

Some Caveats

  • Sponsors do not get any editorial control over the issue in which their content appears. We keep it PG-13, but some themes may be controversial.
  • No political advertising or sloganeering, for specific politician, parties, or matters up for vote in local, state, or federal elections.
  • Sponsored content may not negatively portray any person, business, or organization. If you really want to rant, send it in as a regular submission.
  • Sponsored content may be rejected for any reason, at any time before publication, by any member of the Monkeyshines editorial team, the board members of Monkeyshines Media, Inc, or its officers. Payment will be stopped or refunded if this happens.
  • We do not track or collect analytics on our readers or visitors to our website. We cannot offer you information on page views. You will be able to count hits if your sponsored content contains ULRs or links to your own site(s).